The membership fee is fixed annually by decision of the Board.
There are two types of members: Adherent members (= players) pay a membership fee. Effective members are members who accept to contribute actively to the management of the activities of the club. They do not pay any membership fee.

Membership fee 2019-20 season
Adults: 250 EUR
Juniors: 220 EUR
Reduction vor family members! If there are several players from the same family, only the first member pays the full fee. Every additional member gets a 50 EUR discount.

IBAN: BE17 8601 0764 4821

It's OK to try out in practice for a week or two before you decide, but be aware that during this time, you (your child):

*  Will not be covered by the insurance of the club in the event of an injury or other accident during practice.

* Is not allowed to play league games.

Please enter your (your child's) name in the message field!