Management of the club

General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of the effective members of the club. These are members who accept to contribute actively to the management of the activities of the club. They do not pay any membership fee.
A General Assembly is convened at least once a year to decide on, among other things:

  • Adherence of new members or cancellation of membership
  • Election of the Board
  • Approval of annual accounts and budget and discharge of the board
  • Any changes to the statutes
Minutes General Assembly


The administration of the club is done by the Board. It has at least three members. They are elected by the General Assembly for a (renewable) term of four years.

Radek Pilar (Chairman)
Ilkka Penttinen (Secretary)
Gavino Murgia (Treasurer)
Janne Katajamäki
Andrew Fagg